As babies grow so quickly, age is often not the best indicator of size. Therefore our size guide includes a weight and height guide to help you select the right size.

Before you order a bundle from our online store, we recommend using our comprehensive size guide. While every brand is a little different, our size guide is based on a consolidation of the most popular Australian brands.

When curating bundles, we lean most heavily on the size and weight guidance provided on the garment. If an item looks considerably different to the size indicated, we may include in a differently sized bundle. For example, a jumper labelled 00 may be curated in a 0 bundle if it appears much larger than other 00 items. On occasion, we may include items without a size label in a bundle, if we are able to ascertain size by other means.  

If you have any feedback on our sizing, we'd love to hear from you at

Please note:
All measurements on our website are in centimetres and Australian sizes. Fits may vary by brand, style or personal preferences. Colours on your device may vary slightly than the actual garment.


00000Small or premature babies2 - 3 kgUp to 50cm
0000Newborns3 - 4 kgUp to 55cm
0000 - 3 months4 - 6 kgUp to 62cm
003 - 6 months6 - 8 kgUp to 68cm
06 - 12 months8 - 10 kgUp to 76cm
112 - 18 months10 - 12 kgUp to 84cm
218 - 24 months12 - 14 kgUp to 92cm