The Ultimate Mum Blogger Guide: Why You Need Them In Your Life

As the parent of a tiny human who constantly needs me, I get it. Whether you’re a mum to be, a mum of one or a mum of many, you’re insanely busy. You don’t have time to painstakingly research the best spots to find the mum advice, stories, or inspiration you’re seeking.

Whether you’re after laughs, brutal honesty, inspiration, fun ideas, organisation tips, health and self-care advice, sustainable living tips, advice and support, product suggestions or mum business networks, I have you covered.

From the well known to the up and coming, from the wordy to the pretty pics, from the deeply personal to the expert informed. I’ve done the hard work for you.

Check out my ultimate guide to the best Australian mummy bloggers and influencers for real mum gold.


Mums Who Will Make You Laugh

1. Zoe Foster Blake - @zotheysay

      Her Edge

      An accomplished author, beauty editor, founder of Go-to Skin Care and Break-Up Boss, and hilarious mum of two. And yes, she’s also the wife of Hamish Blake, of Hamish and Andy fame.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life
      • Shares mum life comedy gold
      • Talks about travel, food and beauty
      • Gives you practical advice about making parenting life easier

      Zoe Foster Blake Instagram Post

      Photo by Zoe Foster Blake


      2. The Thud - @thelaurendubois

      Her Edge

      Lauren is a former political journo who reports from the frontline of parenthood, loves a glass of bubbly and all four-letter words.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares what she’s learning and how she’s failing at motherhood
      • Invites you to laugh with her. Or at her…
      • Never pretends life is perfect

      Lauren Dubois Instagram post

      Photo by Lauren Dubois


      3. Baby Mac - @babymacbeth

      Her Edge

      A countryside based Mum of 3 who loves pork, Prosecco, a well-made bed and flowers.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Writes a blog that’s funny, relatable and humble
      • Shares her life shift from city dweller to country lover
      • Puts all of her life stories out there

      Babymacbeth Instagram post

      Photo by Beth MacDonald


      Mums Who Are Brutally Honest

      4. Olivia White - @HOUSEOFWHITE_

      Her Edge

      A relatable motherhood and lifestyle blogger who shares her brash, authentic and funny observations about the everyday struggles of parenting toddlers.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Tells it just like it is
      • All over having a baby on a budget
      • Shares the funny to the profound

      Olivia White instagram post

      Photo by Olivia White


      5. The Modern Mumma - @melwatts

      Her Edge

      Mel is a wife and mama blogger who shares the highs and lows of her family of six in an unapologetically raw way.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Lack of any sugar coating
      • Makes you feel like you’re in this motherhood thing together
      • Shares funny, raw insights into parenting, fashion and life

      Mel Watts Instagram post 

      Photo by Mel Watts


      6. Brittany Noonan - @bybrittanynoonan

      Her Edge

      Brittany is a fitness trainer and mama of two who is on a mission to help women find balance.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares a real, unedited version of herself
      • Helps busy mamas needing balance
      • Shares life's ups and downs

      Brittany Noonan Instagram Post

      Photo by Brittany Noonan


      7. Jules Coffey - @julescoffey_

      Her Edge

      Jules is a wife, mama and doula who shares the trial and error of Motherhood from her honest perspective.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares candid and refreshing mum life moments
      • Helps you to slow down and find happiness in simple pleasures
      • Gives advice, motivation and encouragement

      Jules Coffeey Instagram Post

      Photo by Jules Coffey


      8. Abby Gilmore - @abbgilmore

      Her Edge

      Abby is a young Mumma of two and mental health advocate with an innate ability to tell it like it is.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares honest and often hilarious parts of herself to help support you
      • Inspires and empowers young mums
      • Shares her stories, happy times and dificult times

      Abby Gilmore instagram post

      Photo by Abby Gilmore


      Mums Who Will Inspire You

      9. NotSoMumsy - @notsomumsy

      Her Edge

      Marcia is a Mama to Archie Valentino and Poppy Valentine, the founder of sustainable and ethical mama and mini label @notsomumsy_thelabel

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares pretty picture and honest words
      • Runs fashion for a cause account @notsomumsy_preloved 
      • Shares the highs and lows of motherhood

      Photo by Marcia Leone


      10. Adventure, Baby! -  

      Her Edge

      Christine Knight is a travel writer, marketing strategist and photographer navigating the world and parenthood.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Helps you to turn every moment into an adventure
      • Shares her adventures exploring the world
      • Writes about how to get more out of your life with kids

      Adventure Baby Instagram Post

      Photo by Christine Knight


      11. The Maker Mum - @themakermum

      Her edge

      Rachel is a Mum of 2 who shares creative ideas inspired by nature.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares ideas that help you to see the beauty in the simple
      • Inspires you to see nature in a new light
      • Helps you to find ways to be more sustainable with little ones

      Maker Mum Instagram Post

      Photo by Rachel - The Maker Mum


      12. Be A Fun Mum - @BeAFunMum

      Her Edge

      Kelly is passionate about creating your own kind of motherhood, celebrating others and adding value to everyday family moments.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Helps you to connect and design the family life you desire
      • Shares fun activities, recipes, DIY projects and stories
      • Helps you to find your own ways to be fun with your kids

      Be a Fun Mum Instagram Post

      Photo by Kelly - Be A Fun Mum


      13. Fat Mum Slim - @fatmumslim

      Her Edge

      Fat Mum Slim started as Chantelle's private weight loss blog, but over time it became a space to share her inspired life and everything that entails.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares her love of life, good times and cake
      • Inspires you to share a Photo A Day #fmspad
      • Shares travel adventures and food recipes

      Fat Mum Slim Instagram post

      Photo by Chantelle - Fat Mum Slim


      14. Emily Tomini - @lovedbyemily

      Her Edge

      Emily is driven by a passion for her family and shares all that she loves in the hope to inspire and connect.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Brings an infectiously positive attitude to your life
      • Shares her raw motherhood journey with you
      • Shares her favourite products, style, recipes exercise and lifestyle

      Lovedbyemily Instagram Post

      Photo by Emily Tomini


      15. Nikki Perkins - @jamieandniks

      Her Edge

      Nikki, along with her husband Jamie, is one of Australia's biggest youtube stars. They share beautiful and honest insights into their daily life on their vlog and Instagram, spanning parenting, fashion and beauty.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares beautiful pictures of her family's daily life
      • Shares videos of their young family's daily life on their Nikki and Jamie vlog
      • Shares pregnancy updates, Mum talk, fashion and beauty on her own vlog

      Nikki Perkins Instagram post

      Photo by Nikki Perkins 

      Mums Who Help You Get Organised

      16. The organised Housewife - @theorganisedhousewife

      Her Edge

      With a solid passion for organising, Katrina is a Mum of three who shares organising ideas, family-friendly recipes, cleaning tips, and more.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Gives you tips and tricks to help create calm and replace the chaos
      • Shares ideas that help make home life easier
      • Helps you to create a home you will love

      The Organised Housewife Instagram Post

      Photo by The Organised Housewife 


      17. Planning With Kids - @nicole.5.avery

      Her Edge

      Nicole is Mum to five beautiful kids who is slightly addicted to spreadsheets, tea, running, and CrossFit.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Helps you to establish solid plans, routines and processes
      • Enables you to spend more time on the fun bits of family life
      • Shares a culmination of personal experience, reading and learning from other families

      Planning With Kids Instagram Post

      Photo by Nicole Avery


      18. Oh So Busy Mum - @ohsobusymum

      Her Edge

      Cheree is a Disney obsessed Mum of four girls who blogs about family travel, lifestyle, recipes, mum topics and all the other things that make up her busy life.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares meal plans, recipes and lunchbox tips
      • Provides money saving ideas and tips
      • Intertwines her love for photography, family travel and home decorating

      Oh So Busy Mum Instagram post

      Photo by Cheree Lawrence


      19. Just Another Mummy Blog - @justanothermummyblog

      Her Edge

      Steph is a mother of two girls, lover of interiors and organisation, with a passion for fashion, makeup and living a healthy lifestyle.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares helpful tips to tackle motherhood and everyday tasks
      • Speaks openly about mental health
      • Shares insights into her daily life

      Just Another Mummy Blog Instagram Post

      Photo by Steph Pase 


      Mums Who Help You Look After You

      20. Mad Max Mum - @___laurenkate

      Her Edge

      Lauren is solo Mum, performance and mindset coach, and personal trainer who raises awareness for mental health.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Share her passion for health and fitness
      • Helps you gain strength through your struggles
      • Shares the good, the bad and the hilarious times of single parenting

      Lauren Kate Instagram Post

      Photo by Lauren Patterson


      21. The Healthy Mummy - @thehealthymummy

      Her Edge

      The lifestyle blog for The Healthy Mummy includes parenting, pregnancy and health news from around the world. Rhian, the founder of the Healthy Mummy, is passionate about empowering mums to live a healthier life.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares factual lifestyle, parenting and health news from around the globe
      • Highlights stories from real Mums in the Healthy Mummy Community
      • Shares information on paid parental leave and government legislation

      Healthy Mummy Instagram Post

      Photo by The Healthy Mummy


      22. Krystal Hipwell - @krystalhipwell

      Her Edge

      Krystal is a personal trainer and a self-confessed exercise addict, Mama To Sunny & Nakoda, and Christian mental health blogger.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares her workouts, recipes & adventures with you
      • Shares her Mum-life, Social-life, Work-life juggle with you
      • Practices gentle parenting and promotes body positivity

      Kristin Hipwell Instagram Post

      Photo by Krystal Hipwell


      23. This Anxious Mum - @thisanxiousmum

      Her Edge

      Renee is a mental health blogger who practices gentle parenting and promotes body positivity.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares honest, relatable insights about parenting
      • Shares thoughts about anxiety and mental health
      • Makes you feel like you're in this whole parenting thing together

      This Anxious Mum Instagram Post

      Photo by Renee - This Anxious Mum


      Mums Who Will Help You Live More Sustainably

      24. Accidental Greenie - @biomestores

      Her Edge

      Tracey is the founder of Biome Eco Stores and The Empowerment Zone, a mum of two, and champions a reusable, zero waste, toxin-free and ethical lifestyle.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Helps others to be part of the solution to our planet's future
      • Shares insights about sustainable and eco-friendly living
      • Shares product, chemical, health and environmental knowledge

      Biome Instagram Post

      Photo by Biome


      25. IttyBittyGreenie - @IttyBittyGreenie

      Her Edge

      IttyBittyGreenie, as a business and as a family, practises the “four R’s” of green living: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares information on the latest toxin-free children’s products
      • Provides updates on news and studies from trusted sources around the world
      • Shares guidance on how you can live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle

       Itty Bitty Greenie Instagram Post

      Photo by Itty Bitty Greenie


      26. Slow Your Home - @brookemcalary

      Her Edge

      Brooke advocates naps, travel, a good book and spending as much time in nature as possible.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Helps you to define and achieve your slow living goals
      • Shares her journey slow-travelling around Canada and the US with her family
      • Hosts The Slow Home Podcast

      Brooke McAlary Instagram post

      Photo by Brooke McAlary


      Mums Who Provide Tips, Advice & Support

      27. Baby Center - @BabyCenter

      Her Edge

      Baby Center Australia helps new, expecting and "actively trying" parents find the information, support and reassurance they need. Danielle, the Editor of Baby Center Australia since 2005, combines her dedication to excellent writing with her passion for the journey of parenting.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Brings you practical, high quality, medically reviewed information from expert sources
      • Offers a community of supportive, helpful parents who are going through the same things that you are
      • Enables you to personalise the site to get information geared to your particular stage in pregnancy or parenting

       Baby Center Instagram post

       Photo by Baby Center


      28. Mum Central - @mumcentral

      Her Edge

      Founder & CEO Belinda has created a lifestyle hub for Women, Parenting and Lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion, Food, Travel and Great Giveaways.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares information and advice on a breadth of topics
      • Enables you to enter the latest Australian Competitions
      • Showcases real-life mum stories

      Mum Central Instagram Post

      Photo by Mum Central


      29. Stay at Home Mum - @stayathomemum

      Her Edge

      Jody created Stay at Home Mum to be the ultimate guide for real mums, providing hints and tips on parenting, saving money, recipes and more - with a lighthearted twist.

      Why You Need Her In Your Life

      • Shares tips and advice with a cheeky, no BS twist
      • Helps you with frugal money saving ideas
      • Shares the perfect, the imperfect and the facts

      Stay At Home Mum Instagram Post

      Photo by Stay At Home Mum - Jody Allen


      Mums With The Product Suggestions

        30. Flat Out Mum - @flatoutmum

        Her Edge

        Olivia is raising four young boys with her partner Shane, is the creator of Flat Out Mum Retreats and Twincredible, and shares her busy, action-packed, juggling act that is life.

        Why You Need Her In Your Life

        • Shares what life is really like as a busy Mum
        • Helps you to enjoy the little moments and take things in your stride
        • Suggests ideas, products and advice that make your life easier

        Flat Out Mum Instagram Post

        Photo by Flat Out Mum

        31. Stuff Mums Like - @stuffmumslike

        Her Edge

        Maraya is a Mum of three who authors this lifestyle blog which specialises in showcasing the best brands for busy mums and their families.

        Why You Need Her In Your Life

        • Shares brands she thinks you'll love
        • Shares parenting stories you can relate to
        • Helps you make easy food and plan your trips

        Stuff Mums Like Instagram Post

        Photo by Maraya


        32. Hello Charlie - @hellocharlieau

        Her Edge

        Vanessa wants to make your life simpler as a parent, by sharing the best and safest eco products for your baby, beauty routine and home.

        Why You Need Her In Your Life

        • Makes your life simpler, doing product research so you don't have to
        • Brings you the best and safest eco products for baby, beauty and home
        • Helps you to be sustainable, recyclable, eco-friendly and non-toxic 
          Hello Charlie Instagram Post

          Photo by Hello Charlie


          Mums Who Help Your Business Thrive

          33. Mums & Co -

          Their Edge

          Carrie is a mum of two and Phong is a father of three, who together founded Mums & Co, an Australian business mums community that helps mums in business to thrive.

          Why You Need Them In Your Life

          • Shares stories from business owners that inspire and teach
          • Equips you with the tools to achieve your business ambitions
          • Provides support, services and advice

          Mums & Co Instagram Post
          Photo by A Business Mums Network 


          34. Mums With Hustle - @mumswithhustle

          Her Edge

          Tracy is a wife and mother to two boys under five and the proud founder of Mums With Hustle.

          Why You Need Her In Your Life

          • Helps you become an abundant entrepreneur who markets on Instagram with ease
          • Shares an authentic mix of her entrepreneurial journey and homelife
          • Creates the #MWHPodcast, the leading podcast for business Mums

          Mums With Hustle Instagram Post

          Photo by Instagram + Biz Mentor


          35. Crafty Mama Network - @craftymamanetwork

          Her Edge

          Tanja hosts the Crafty Mama Network, a hearty community of business mamas on Instagram.

          Why You Need Her In Your Life

          • Shares inspiring stories of other business mamas
          • Enables collaboration with other business mamas
          • Provides you with business support

          Crafty Mama Network Instagram Post

          Photo by Crafty Mama Network 


          Do you have a favourite mum blogger or influencer that we’ve missed? We’d love to hear who they are and what you love about them in the comments below.

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