The Rise Of The Conscious Parent: How To Tackle 7 Baby Clothes Sizes In 2 Years

Have you had this moment of realisation? My husband and I were cleaning out my son's closet on the weekend. He was aghast at the mounting pile of clothes my son had just grown out of. Another few months, another size jump. The visual of that clothes pile really hit it home for him.

Babies can grow 7 sizes in just 2 years.

To coincide with Fashion Revolution Week 2019 Pure Bundle constructed an outdoor baby closet at  The Coal Loader Centre For Sustainability, one of Sydney’s largest publicly accessible green roof spaces.


Pure Bundle Outdoor Baby Closet

Outdoor Baby Closet At The Coal Loader. Photo by Katrina Ilardo 


After scouring baby websites, baby forums and baby clothes listings, we estimated that a baby has 180 - 300 baby clothes items in their closet in their first 2 years.

Our research showed that the average baby has 30 - 50 items per size. When you add up onesies, tops, bottoms, beanies, booties and so on....that number gets big. Fast.

By showing people the clothes their baby is likely to use, I hope this sparks conversations about our fashion consumption.


Pure Bundle Outdoor Baby Closet

Outdoor Baby Closet Featuring 240 Items. Photo by Katrina Ilardo 


According to ABC’s War on Waste, 6,000 kg of clothing ends up in landfill in Australia every 10 minutes.

Reuse is one of the most direct ways to address this fashion waste crisis - and help to make fashion circular. A shift to new ownership models - such as fashion resale and rental - will be a major part of our closets of the future.

Looking at the trend in the US, secondhand is projected to grow to almost 1.5x the size of fast fashion by 2028Shopping quality preloved fashion online - that doesn't cost the earth - is such a smart way to reduce our impact.

It’s so important that we teach the next generation from birth that reuse is key to our future.



Pure Bundle exists to help parents and our planet.

We make it easy to purchase curated bundles of preloved, branded clothes in excellent condition, delivered to your door as your baby grows.

We make it easy for you to clean out your baby’s closet - while saving clothes from landfill, helping families in need, and making a little cash.

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