7 Easy Ways To Start Living More Sustainably

As a society, we need to do more to protect our planet, right? From pollution to climate change, waste to overconsumption, there are so many environmental problems that need urgent action.

You might be thinking...living in a more eco-friendly way can only mean expense and inconvenience, right? Not at all! It doesn’t have to be that way. There are lots of small things you can do that are both EASY and FREE. That are actually possible in amongst the whirlwind of life with tiny people.

My family and I are on a journey to live more sustainably, and I’d love to share with you what we’re learning. Sometimes we do lots of good things to reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose….and sometimes we slip up.

I believe sustainable living is all about progress over perfection. Near enough is good enough!

So, where do you start with living more sustainably? Here are 7 easy and affordable (often free!) ways to start your sustainable living journey.


1. Let’s start with super simple reusables

There are lots of single-use, disposable items that can be replaced with reusables.

Chances are, you’ll probably have some items lying around at home that you can use straight away. If you're interested in purchasing some specific items, there are loads of beautiful eco options out there.

➡️ Swap plastic shopping bags for reusable bags

➡️ Swap takeaway coffee cups for a reusable coffee cup

➡️ Swap plastic water bottles shopping bags for a reusable water botttle

TOP TIP: Many cafes now give discounts for bringing your own coffee cup. Zero waste AND cheaper 🙌

Responsible Cafes

Photo by Responsible Cafes


2. Move with the lowest carbon footprint

I get it. Moving about with tiny people is no mean feat.

There’s the oversized nappy bag of endless items you might need. There’s the possibility of crying bouts or a “No. 3” nappy at any point 🤦‍♀️

But…on the upside...getting out and about on foot...

✔️May lull your tiny person to sleep in the pram

✔️ Is a chance to actually squeeze in some exercise for you(!)

✔️ Gets everyone out in fresh air and natural environment, which is wonderful for your mindset

TOP TIP: When you’re needing to travel somewhere, think about the lowest carbon footprint option you can use:


 Photo by EasyEcoTips


3. Swap those single-use plastics

More than you probably realise….

Single-use plastics are only used once before they are thrown away, find their way into our waterways, or are recycled. Things like plastic bags, straws, cling wrap, and water bottles.

It’s SO EASY to make some simple swaps!!

➡️ Using cling wrap for covering food? Try airtight plastic or glass containers, beeswax wraps or silicon stretch wraps instead.

➡️ Using flimsy plastic produce bags at the supermarket? Go ‘nude’ with your fruit and veggies, or use lightweight hessian or mesh produce bags.

➡️ Using plastic straws in drinks? Switch to a paper straw or a reusable steel one.

TOP TIP: For those times you can’t avoid single-use soft plastic, collect them in one spot. You can drop your soft plastics into your nearest REDcycle collection bin. There are participating supermarkets all around Australia.

 Easy reusable item swaps

Photo by Brooke Art Studio


4. Make Mondays Meat Free

Reducing your meat consumption is one of the simplest things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. Raising animals for food requires huge amounts of land, food, energy, and water.

But what do we eat instead, you ask? There are so many mouth-watering meals that don’t need meat to be the hero, like...

✔️Vegetable & chia lasagne

✔️Sweet corn & zucchini fritters

✔️Pulled jackfruit & Mexican bean bowl


 Photo by Amanda Rose Official


5. Let’s save that water

Here’s a seriously simple tip to live more sustainably that you’ll hardly even notice.

Use less water.

There are lots of easy ways to do this that will also save you money!

✔️Use eco-friendly cycles for your dishwasher and washing machine.

✔️Use the timer on your phone for your showers.

✔️Fix leaking taps.

Hyams Beach by Aqua Bumps

 Photo by Aqua Bumps


6. Discover preloved

Did you know...

...that the fashion industry is reported to be the second most polluting industry in the world?

...that 6,000 kgs of clothing end up in a landfill in Australia every 10 minutes?

One of the most sustainable actions you can take is to shop preloved.

➡️ Online retailers like Vestiaire Collective and  The Real Real are making it super easy to buy + sell + swap luxury preloved clothes.‬

➡️ Some smaller players are making it an easier + better experience to shop preloved too. *Hint, hint.

 Pure Bundle preloved baby clothes


7. Take it digital

We all know that our mobiles have permeated every aspect of our lives.

A recent study by Silentnight found that the average person now spends more time on their phone and laptop than sleeping.

How can we make sure we’re using all of this incredible technology for good, too?

Take whatever you can digital.

➡️ Still getting some bills mailed to you? Switch them to email notifications. Flicking over some of the most frequent mail outs, like bank statements, takes mere seconds on an app.

➡️ Using Google 20 (ok maybe 60) times a day? Switch to Ecosia as your default search engine. It gives 80% of its revenues to plant trees. It’s completely free and works just like other search engines.

➡️ Still using paper planners and lists? Use a free app like Trello to make boards, lists, and cards that help you organize and prioritize your life.


So that’s it! 7 easy ways to live more sustainably

But you know what I think needs to be recognised more?

Sustainable living is a journey.

Life happens. Babies are a rollercoaster, work/life is a juggle…you’re doing the best you can to somehow make it all work! Choose progress over perfection.

And another thing? Take advantage of any way to make sustainable living easier.

Pure Bundle exists to help parents and our planet.

We make it easy to purchase curated bundles of preloved, branded clothes in excellent condition, delivered to your door as your baby grows.

We make it easy for you to clean out your baby’s closet - while saving clothes from landfill, helping families in need, and making a little cash.

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